Class of 1985 where are they now?

In an effort to help Patty (Love) Willis, who has graciously stepped up to organize our 25 year reunion, we created a simple form for you to fill out.  This will help us get everyone’s information into one place.  Please look at the list of names below and help us find those on the list.  We added bits of information we already have, but we need so much more! If your name or the name of someone else is highlighted in Red, that means we have their information.  If it’s not red, then we need your info – please!

Click on the link here and fill out as much information as you would like to share with us.  Your information is confidential and will only be shared between Angie and Patty.  Once you submit your information please allow 48 hours for the site to be updated.

Please put your information in this form and use the comment section at the end only for comments you want to share with the class!

Click here to fill out the “Where Are You Now?” form!

Below is a list of everyone in our class, let’s pass this around and see if we can figure out where people are and what they are up to.

One simple way to send get this list out there is to copy and paste this link into an email, Facebook, Twitter or any other way you can think of getting it out there:

Kari Abbott
Ron Adams
Tyler Adams ~ Living in Chico
Cathy Ahern
Marta Adecos
Loren Alldrin
Sherisse Allen ~ Lives in Chico on FB
Tony Almeida ~ Lives in Chico
Cari Anderson
John Anderson
Vincente Andreu
Robert Andrew
Anita Apel Scott ~ On FB. Living in Red Bluff, 3 kids
Kelly Appier ~ Living in Chico.
Stephanie Ayon
Doug Baer
Marci Baker ~ Brother Jeff Baker on FB
Monica Ballard
Linda Barber
Chris Barton ~ Living in Long Beach
Richard Basham
Kris Bauer ~ On FB
Valerie Baustian
Tim Beach ~ Living in Chico
Laura Beck Braibish ~ On FB living in Salem, OR 3 children
Tim Behr
Sherrie Bell
James Beltramo ~ Living in Chico
Wendy Berge Baker ~ On FB Inland Empire, CA 1 daughter
Zoe Bisson ~ On FB
Beckie Black Kullberg ~ On FB living in Napa, CA 1 son
Steve Bladorn
Kelly Bocast
Julie Bolen Jordan ~ On FB San Diego, CA
Deane Bollinger
Tracy Bolton
Jeanette Borge ~ On FB
Debie Bowman ~ Living in Richmond, CA 2 kids I believe
Alisa Bradbury Manzano ~ Living in Davis, CA with 2 kids
Katie Brennan Leigh~ On FB living in Pacific Grove 1 child
Karen Brooks McQuade ~ On FB living in Los Gatos, 2 kids
Buddy Brown
Darryl Brown
David Brown
Sigrid Brown
Terri Brown Wilson ~ On FB living in Chico
Tory Brownfield ~ Living in Chico works at Winco.
Julie Buck
Sherrie Bullard ~ Living in Chico
Richard Bullerjahn
John Burgess
Elisa Burgstahler ~ Living in Chico
Charlene Burts ~ In Chico with 4 kids
Steve Busbee ~ RIP
Elaine Byrd Irwin ~ On FB living in Chico, 1 child
Tracy Campbell ~ Living in Yuba City? On Myspace.
Suzanne Card
Trish Carroll
Matt Casamajor
Kellie Cass ~ Living in Chico, working in Paradise
Larry Cavalli ~ On Myspace
Matt Chamberlain ~ On FB living in San Francisco 2 kids
Seok Kim Chew
Lee Mai Choong
Lee Yin Choong
Allison Christian
Tammy Ciapponi Hagemeier~ On FB living in Washington DC 2 kids
Randy Clark
Kurt Colvin ~ On FB Sam Luis Obispo 2 kids
Francesca Cominos
Eamon Conlin ~ On FB Living in the Netherlands 2 kids
Michael Coogan ~ On FB Chico 2 kids and a grandchild
Michelle Costa ~ Living in Quincy with 3 kids.
Janice Cripe
John Cross ~ On FB Silicon Valley 3 kids
Tom Crow
Lesley Curry
Connie Curtis
Cameron Dalton
Columbine Davis
Matt Davis ~ On FB St. Paul MN
Sebastian Davis
Greg Day
Susi Deaver
Ampero Delgado
Kathy Delloso ~ Living in Susanville, CA 2 kids.
Ehtel Derr
Tom Devine
Tom Dixon ~ Living in Chico
Kent Dockendorf ~ Living in Chico, has 2 kids
Maureen Dooney
Michael Drew ~ On FB living in Redding
Kristin Duarte Zailer ~ On FB lives in Santa Clara 1 girl
Monte Dubose
Danelle Duffy
Mindy Durham ~ On FB Las Vegas, NV
Brian Eissler ~ On FB living in Reno, NV.
Jerry Epperson ~ Living in Paradise 1 son for sure.
Cecilia Escamilia Greenwald ~ On FB Davis, CA
Todd Faulkner ~ On FB
Fred Feldhaus
Marilyn Fellon
Joe Flores
Diana Fojas Nichols ~ On FB living in Alaska 2 kids
Dana Foley
Matthew Franklin ~ On FB
Kevin Fraser
Marian Freeman
Rhonda Freeman
Kasha Gabrych ~ On FB Living in Silicon Valley 2 kids
Cathy Gamlowski
Doyle Gardner
Chris Gauer
Gary Gaumer ~ On FB
Andy Gausmel
Devi Gaylord Bailey ~ On FB Living in Bozeman, Montana 4 girls
Cheri Gibson
Galen Gilbert
Matt Gilbert
Ellen Glenn Kirkeby ~ On FB living in Carson City has children.
Tami Gravance ~ Living in Chico or Oroville.
Angie Greenfield Strader ~ On FB Dallas, Texas 1 daughter
Craig Greenlee
Leo Gunther
Marcia Halsey Bauer ~ Living in Chico with children owns Papa Murphy’s in Butte Co.
Michelle Harding
Camille Harper ~ On FB living in Davis
Andrew Harrison
Randy Hartman
Brett Harvey
William Haver
Shay Haverty ~ On FB Clearlake, CA 3 boys
Sharyn Hawkins ~ Living in Chico 3 kids successful artist.
Shelly Hawkins
Francine Hees
Lynn Heimann
Joe Henry ~ In Chico a daughter at least.
Steve Hermann ~ Lives in Utah
Dan Hiney ~ Married to Luanne Tipp Hiney on FB
Robin Holm
John Hoptowit
Ingrid Horton Fulmer ~ On FB Living in Hawaii 2 kids
Audra Howard
Michelle Howell
Greg Humpherys ~ Lives in Chico has a trucking firm.
Doug Hunt
Dawn Hurst ~ Living in Chico married and an accountant
Heath Hutchinson
Kristin Hutton
Daryl Imhof
Jennifer Irvine ~ On FB living in San Francisco
Delores Ivory Sawyerr ~ RIP
Matthew Jackson ~ On FB living in Seattle, WA 2 kids
Sean Jensen
Doug Jorgensen
Bart Kalbach
Kima Kamman ~ sister “Krista Kamman Lowe” on FB
Brian Keyser
Matthew King
Kasey Kitterman ~ On FB living in Chico
Daina Klavins
Alex Knotts
Marlo Knox ~ Living in Chico 1 child
Chris Korte
Lance Koscki ~ RIP
Laura Koscki ~ On FB living in Orange County
Tina Kuhl ~ On FB living in Chico with 2 kids
Roy Kutz
Carol Lams ~ Living in Chico and???
Richard Landes
Dennis La Rose
Jennifer Larson
`Theresa Lawing Markwood ~ On FB living in Chico
Toni LeCouter ~ On FB under Antoinette living in San Francisco.
`Jill Leger ~ On FB
Susan Lepe
Cindy Lessley
Denean Lindsey
Phil Lorack
Rachelle Louw Pew~ On FB living in Cedar Hill, UT 7 kids
Patty Love Willis ~ On FB living in Chico 3 kids
Fritz Lugenbeel
Charrese Lunds
Kim Lutzow ~ Living in Chico a teacher with 2 kids
Eduardo Magana
Sandy Magoon ~ On FB Living in Chico with 3 kids
Chris Mannerino ~ On FB living in San Diego 2 kids
Brenden Mantle
Bryan Marshall ~ Butte County Deputy Sherrif
Scott Martin ~ On FB living in Pleasant Hill, CA # of kids?
Shari Mathews ~ Lives in Capay works PDQ market.
Julie Mayo
Elizabeth McCampbell Stroud ~ On FB Living in Sacramento
Chris McClue ~ On FB
David McCready ~ Living in Chico
Cris McCusker
`Molli McEnespy Moira McEnespy ~ On FB living in the East Bay
Shannon McJunkin
Shelley McNally
Steve Mendonca
Jason Merez
Tammy Miller
Lori Millet Dwyer ~ On FB living in Salt Lake City, UT
Brian Millsap ~ On FB living in Orange County, CA 4 kids
Kendra Mitchell
Ranko Moeller ~ RIP
Charline Moore
Dawn Moore
David Morgan ~ Living in Chico
Kathy Moser
Andy Murphy ~ Living in Chico
Malina Nadeau
Habbas Nassar
Carlos Nava ~ Living in Chico 2 boys and 1 girl
Luis Nava ~ Living in Chico with children
Diego Navarro
Brad Nelson ~ Living in Chico 2 kids
Brett Nelson ~ On FB living in Provo, UT
Claudia Nelson-Chamberlain~ On FB living in San Francisco 2 kids
Steve Norby ~ On FB, Living in . Married to Tina Stapp.
Daniel Norris
Steve Nunes
Shane Oberdorf ~ sister Michelle Frederickson on FB.
Shanda Olsen Heacock~ On FB living in Reno, NV 3 girls
Dominic Ortega
Chris Paine ~ On FB living in Monroe, WA 2 kids
Daniel Paiva
Kristine Palmer
Dawn Panek
Colleen Paul
Denise Pavick ~ RIP
Brett Pease
Tanyan Pelak
Fernanco Perez
Jim Piercy ~ On FB Living in Chico 2 kids
Angela Piluso ~ sister Dorothy Piluso on FB
Ben Piper ~ On FB living in Klamath Falls, OR 2 kids.
Nicole Piret
Stephanie Ponte
Michelle Porezynski
Brian Powell
Kirk Powell ~ Living in Chico with 3 kids
Frank Pringle
Steve Pulvino
Bridget Quacchia Humphreys ~ On FB living in San Pedro, CA
Cuong Quach
Wally Raimer ~ On FB living in Anaconda MT
Kim Ramirez
Kevin Remsden ~ On FB
Rob Reagan ~ Hood River, OR 2 kids
Sean Reager ~ RIP
Tom Reed ~ On FB living in Chico 2 kids
Lele Reig
Marcia Reynolds ~ On FB living in Portland, OR
Brian Richey ~ Living in Atlanta, Georgia 2 boys and 1 girl.
Billy Ridenour ~ Living in Chico with lots of kids (foster + his)
Lisa Rife Tiso ~ On FB Living in Chico might be on FB 2 kids.
Phil Roach ~ On FB living in Tacoma
Carol Robbins ~ Living in Alturas, CA 2 kids
Ellen Roberts
Stephanie R.
Christina Rogers Cook ~ On FB living in Sacramento, CA 2 kids
Fernando Rodriguez
Yolanda Rodriquez ~ On Myspace
Annette Rose
Mark Rose ~ On FB living in Sacramento, CA 2 kids
Chris Roseman ~ Living in Chico
Andrea Ross ~ On FB living in Philadelphia, PA. Has 1 son
Cindy Roy ~ Lives in Chico
Andi Ruley Ridenour ~ On FB living in Chico with children and foster children
Andy Rush ~ Living in Chico
Deborah Ryan
Patti Ryther
Juan Sebata
Jennifer Sahl Hughes ~ On FB living in Chico 2 kids
Stephanie Salchenberg
Mark Sanchez
Renee Sanchez
Steve Sanders ~ Living in Chico 1 kid I think?
Carlos Santana
Steve Sawyer ~ Living in Chico
Michael Schaller ~ On FB
Scott Schias
Kristin Schooling Ross ~ Living in Folsom, CA 3 kids
Hugh Shrenk
Jeff Schwartz
William Scott
Joe Selak ~ On FB
Greg Sheley ~ Living in Eugene, OR Head coach at Lane Community College with 3 kids.
Brett Shepard ~ on FB (Brett Todd Shepard) in Missoula, MT
Todd Sherman
Chris Sidener Thompson ~ On FB living in Chico twin girls
Gordy Simpson ~ On FB living in Corvallis, OR 2 kids
Brian Sloan
Meghan Smith
Vicki Smith
Ellen Stafford
Marjorie Stammer ~ Living in Chico
Andre Steele
Monica Steele Wasden ~ On FB living in Highlands Ranch, CO 1 son
Michelle Stewart
Tabitha Stewart
Ingrid Stout Johnson ~ On FB living in Tyler Texas
Tina Stratton Henson ~ On FB Living in Chico
Russ Stuck
Scott Sutherland ~ on FB, see John Scott Sutherland living in Redding Ca
Debbie Swihart
Nick Swithenbank
Brenda Taylor Diefenderfer ~ On FB Living in Three Forks, MT 2 kids.
Richard Taylor
Shannon Taylor
Ty Taylor ~ Bridget Q knows and I can’t find what she wrote?
Todd Telander ~ On FB
Jamie Tennant
Tarita Tennison
Beth Thomas
Jeff Thomas
Alicia Thompson Morris ~ On FB living in Chico 3 kids
Derek Thompson
Todd Thompson
David Trend ~ On FB
Elizabeth Uribe
Kurt Volmer
Michael Vought ~ On FB living in Chico 2 kids
Kristi Warner
Sara Waters ~ On FB living in East Bay
Steve Waters ~ RIP
Rob Weagle ~ sister Julie Renfro on FB.
Christiane Wear ~ On FB living in Chico 2 kids
Holly Weathers ~ Living in Paradise has 2 kids. Married Steve Lightfoot.
Jim Welton ~ On FB living in Seattle, WA 4 boys
Kami White Stanley ~ Sister Kristi is on FB.
Ken White
Sherry White Stewart ~ On FB living in Ventura, CA twins
Diane Wickstrom
Kathy Wiebelhaus
Connie Wigton
Michael Wilhelm ~ Living in Chico 3 children
Buck Wilken ~ Living in Chico
Stacie Wilkins Barth ~ On FB living in Portland, OR 1 son
Andy Wilhoit ~ On FB living in Chico 3 girls
Angie Williams
Edie Williams
Tawni Wilson
Randy Windham ~ RIP
John Winfield
Lorilea Wolford
Dave Worley
Phet Xayachack
Janice Yanello
Dave Yoskowitz
Carlos Zapeda ~ Living in Chico
Alex Zier


11 Responses to “”

  1. April 20, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    I am excited to see everyone at the reunion! I still can’t believe it has been 25 years. My husband and I are coming from Dallas, TX and hope to be in Chico for about a week. Let’s get together. See you soon!

  2. 2 Alicia
    April 23, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    I am sooooo exciting to see everyone from our 1985 Reunion… I will be there and see ya soon…

  3. 3 Andy Willhoit
    April 23, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    Kurt Volmer lives in either Chico or Magalia.
    Todd Thompson lives in Durham, married with 2 children

  4. 4 John Cross
    April 23, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    silicon valley three kids

  5. April 28, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    Living in Chico. Married with three kids 21, 14, 10. Owner Lisa Tosi Photography specializing in modern child and newborn portraiture. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

  6. 6 Tina Henson (Stratton)
    April 28, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    Living in Corning, married going on 25yrs together. Two boys 22 and 20yrs old.

  7. 7 Stephanie Moore (Ponte)
    April 29, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    Living in Chico. Married 23 years with three kids, 19, 17, 9. Working at Enloe going on 23 years.

  8. 8 Kim Davis (Valena)
    April 30, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    Living in Alturas, CA. Married 18 years with 3 kids, 16,14, and 9. Moved from Chico sophmore year – Graduated from Anderson High School. Would love to see all my Chico classmates from K through 10th. Can’t wait to catch up.

  9. May 10, 2010 at 9:45 am

    Kurt Vollmer lives in Paradise his # is 530-876-9726

  10. 10 Mark Sanchez
    June 13, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    I’m living in Chico. After seven years at Gottschalks, I’m now at Kmart in Chico.

  11. 11 Columbine Davis
    August 30, 2010 at 12:16 am

    Graduated from high school in Massachusetts…My heart was always with the Class of ’85 at CHS, though. Living in Portland, OR on LinkedIn under Lina.

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